Friday Night Gaming – Episode 2

Another exciting episode of Friday Night Gaming!

With me last night were Garro and Anski.

We started off with because that was the only game in common that we all had installed.

After a slew of technical problems on my end (I really need to rebuild my system, maybe this weekend) we got started.  Garro was playing a Demon Hunter at level 65 and had not completed Act V so we opted to start off and finish Act V with him.  Anski was playing what I like to call his “invinci-monk” because his dodge is so high that he is nearly indestructible.  I was playing my typical Wizard.

Because I did not have to play alone this week and Anski was providing some solid crowd control I swapped Black Hole for Improved Archon and switched to the Entropy rune on Disintegrate.

Improved Archon to provide more damage and drop the need for me having crowd control via Black Hole and Entropy because Anski was able to keep the enemies right in front of me so the damage pattern of Entropy was preferred over Chaos Nexus, which is a straight beam.

I struggled all night with technical issues.  Audio issues plagued my side of the stream but luckily Anski was capturing the action from his side.  (I embedded his “view” of the action up top because mine was full of issues.)  A lot of lessons learned.

Sadly about 90 minutes in, my ISP decided to not renew my DHCP lease and I lose my connection for the duration of the event.  I called them and voiced my complaint.

I'll be purchasing a new modem that supports DOCSIS 3.0 (mine is only 2.0 compatible) and I'll be rebuilding my computer this week.

Lynn, from 0HP joined us about the time I dropped out.  You'll hear her in the background on Anski's feed.  (Lynn = Anski's wife)

Until next week, have fun!

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