Star Citizen January 2015 Community Census

Star Citizen January 2015 Community Census

The poll is now closed!  Thanks for your responses!  Time to do some massive data comparison!

If you are hungry for some data or want to see what it might look like, check out the Pre-AC Census results.

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Purpose:  In order to give some shape to certain demographics within the Star Citizen player community, I have devised the following series of questions.  The intent is to gather information to see certain properties about the player community that may not be directly apparent upon casual interaction.

Distribution:  This poll should be distributed far and wide and not limited to a single particular pocket or sub-community of the global and overall Star Citizen community.  Please share this with your friends from Star Citizen and within your organization and any other Star Citizen community that you may be a part of.  The more players that submit data for this poll, the more accurate the data will be.  Please feel free to share without first receiving permission to do so.

Scope:  This poll focuses on demographics related to current Arena Commander fact and opinion and on speculation for future module releases.  The ultimate goal is to provide a historical record of the demographics of the community.  Future polls will cater to the particular milestone that they are based off of and may not have the same questions that this poll does.

Security:  None of the responses are logged with an IP address or any way to identify who you are. So unless you enter your social security number or some other form of personally identifiable information in one of the free-text responses, you have nothing to worry about.

Data Validation:  Realistic limits are in place to mitigate intentional data trolling. If your entry falls outside of these limits please get in touch with us and send verification.  Obviously incorrect, malicious or purposefully exaggerated entries will be deleted at the webmaster’s discretion without notice and will not be included in the final results.  Don’t waste your time – nobody will see your invalid responses and it takes me seconds to delete them as opposed to the minutes that you will waste filling the poll out with invalid information.

Schedule:  Extended until 1.1 releases!This poll will run for a period of 4 weeks from the day of release or until a module is released, whichever comes first.  Results will be provided a short while after the poll is closed.  The raw entry data will also be provided.  Entries submitted after the release of the Arena Commander module will be deleted.

Contact:  Any questions, comments or concerns should be posted in the comments below.  The primary poll operator is Yuka and he can be reached by email.

Past Data:  Only one poll has been run so far, view the Pre-AC Community Census here.

Credits:  Article image created by wlwlwl1313 and was found on Baidu

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Total ships will jump to 4 over the next 3 weeks; with merchantman and redeemer or cutlass red being bought


Max spent amount in poll capped at 15,000 (I have the completionist and then some, so that breaks the numbers a bit)

Max ships in poll capped at 50, the completionist alone is 65 ships + 2 concepts, and 1 unannounced. I have a few more besides.

Other than those mildly skewing limits to the poll, it was fine.