Star Citizen 2015 Projected Launch Schedule

BAFTA is over and with it came the Star Citizen 2015 Projected Launch Schedule!  It features a lot of goodies so I’ll cut right to the chase!


Chris Roberts has said that they will no longer give out exact dates, only estimates.  This is due to shifting development timelines and the ever-present chance of unforeseen hurdles that are inevitable when producing a game this complex.

Spring 2015

Beta release of FPS

The First Person Shooter Beta will allow players to step out of their ships for once and go head-to-head and work in a team against other player-run teams in a first person shooter arena.  It was demonstrated at PAX on November 1st, 2014.  See the video below.

Planetside/Social beta

Commonly called the Planetside module – the Planetside and Social Beta test module will allow players to engage in social interactions in a setting on a planet.  The scene will feature venues such as stores and bars.  Players will be able to purchase equipment and ships and visit each others instanced hangars.  See the video below for an early sneak peak:

Summer 2015

Arena Commander 2.0 MultiCrew ships

AC 2.0 will allow players to get onboard the same ship with some friends and compete in the Arena Commander matches we have all come to know and love.  The maps for AC 2.0 will more than likely be larger to accommodate the larger ships.  Check out the sneak peak of the multiplayer ships with this video:

Fall 2015

First Episode of Squadron 42

If Star Citizen is the massively multi player side of the game, Squadron 42 will be the single player counterpart.  Squadron 42 will be released in episodes that put the player into a storyline of Squadron 42 – a UEE Navy unit.  What is in store, we can only imagine.  Squadron 42 will be single player at the core but there will be opportunities to invite friends to be a wingman on missions.  It could be said that the campaign will be optionally single player.  Check out the video below of Squadron 42.

End of 2015

Persistent Universe Alpha for Backers

While there currently isn’t much information to indicate what this will entail – most believe that this will be the “commercial unfinished product”.  The persistent universe or PU will essentially be all of the core multi player modules tied together to create what is supposed to be Star Citizen.


Star Citizen Commercial Launch

Described as being Late 2016 which could be December 31st, 2016 mind you… Star Citizen appears to be set to not only push the envelope of what game developers are capable of but completely destroy the barriers!  The actual release date will largely be affected by how successful the Persistent Universe Alpha is.

Commercial Launch and Beyond

The development team has been quoted as saying that there are years of post-release content scheduled for development.  An unmatched size of the game universe combined with a constant stream of new content should create a dynamic game that is always new for players for at least a decade.

Star Citizen is proof that the PC gaming platform is the source of cutting edge games.

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