Star Citizen MultiCrew Gameplay Footage

At Gamescon 2014, RSI/CIG held a live release of the much anticipated Star Citizen multicrew gameplay footage.

In the footage, we see a fully crewed Constellation flying through space.  The constellation is attacked by a Hornet – the Hornet punching a missile through one of the Constellation’s airlocks.

The atmosphere inside of the Constellation is vented into space and a crew member is exposed to the vacuum – clinging to the hand rails to hold himself inside of the ship.  He climbs his way through a pressure door to the bridge to once again be in an atmosphere.

He then climbs into a belly turret and begins firing back at the Hornet.  Another crew member soon joins him in the dorsal turret.

And the entire scene is not scripted – it isn’t pre-rendered.  It was done live – as the game will be played.

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