How to Find Your Star Citizen Citizen Number

How to Find Your Citizen Number is a fairly common question asked by members of the community, especially now that the Arena Commander has a solid release date.

Your citizen number is unique to you.  It is not random, it counts up with each new citizen registered (by buying a pledge).  It lets you know how many citizens there were before you.

How to find your Star Citizen Number

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Once logged in, the circle above “My RSI” will be green.  Hover over “My RSI”.

    How to Find Your Star Citizen Citizen Number
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  3. Click your player handle.
  4. This will pull up your Citizen Dossier.  For example, my Citizen Dossier looks like this.
  5. In the center below the Overview and Organizations buttons you will find your Citizen Number.  (See the link in step #4 for an example if you haven’t pulled up your Citizen Dossier.)

How to find another player’s citizen number

In order to find another player’s citizen number, one must know that player’s RSI handle.  Once the handle is known, simply enter the following URL into your browser’s address bar:

Replace RSIHANDLE with the RSI Handle of the player.  For example, the link to my Citizen Dossier page looks like this:

Excited for the release of Arena Commander?  We are too!  Let us know your citizen number in the comments below!


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