Make the Planetside 2 Launchpad Autoplay

UPDATE:  This is no longer valid.  There is no longer an autoplay feature for the Launchpad.  Thanks to reader Hobbamok for the heads up!

Credit up front:  I did not come up with this.  I saw this in an old thread on Reddit that was under appreciated and felt that I should give the instructions a permanent home on this website.  The real credit for this work goes to Ghirkin.  Republishing this here should give it much better page ranking on most search engines making this gem much easier to find.

How to Make the Launchpad Autoplay

Following these steps will configure the Launchpad to automatically run 2 once the game is fully up to date and logged in.  Setting the launchpad to stay logged in will require the player to only click or double-click the Planetside 2 icon.

While the autorun option is an available option for the station launchpad, each run, the launchpad overwrites the configuration files (LaunchPad.ini and LaunchPad-user.ini), negating any custom configuration done by the player.

In order to work around this glaring problem, the solution is to create a third configuration file with the autorun option enabled.

Here are the steps to make the Launchpad Autorun

Easy Mode

  1. Download The Lone Gamers copy of LaunchPad-internal.ini to your installation directory (Default is:  C:\Users\Public\\Installed Games\)
  2. Run and if not already logged in, log in and check the box next to “Remember me on this computer”.
  3. Done!


  1. Browse to the Installation directory.  (Default is: C:\Users\Public\\Installed Games\)
  2. Find the file named LaunchPad.ini (You may not see the .ini depending on your folder view settings.)
  3. Make a copy of LaunchPad.ini and rename the copy to LaunchPad-internal.ini.
  4. Open LaunchPad-internal.ini with notepad (or your preferred text editor).
  5. Add autoplay=1 to the end of the file.  A default version after adding that configuration should look like this:launchpad-internalSS
  6. Run and if not already logged in, log in and check the box next to “Remember me on this computer”.
  7. Done!
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[…] Make the Planetside 2 Launchpad Autoplay […]


[…] Make the Planetside 2 Launchpad Autoplay […]