PlanetSide 2 Implants

In PlanetSide 2, implants will be an item used somewhat like a boost that will upgrade a player’s ability in a particular way for a short period of time.  They will allow players to enhance their character’s ability in a small way in order to better cater to the player’s preferred playstyle.

Implants were an original part of Planetside 1, however they were much different than the proposed implant system for Planetside 2.  In PS1, implants were a semi-permanent installation and a player could have up to three implants installed at once.  Implants would remain installed to the player until that player chose to change his or her implants out with another implant selection.

implants2In Planetside 2, implants will be different according to official sources on their development.  Implants will be short lived – they will last only a few hours.  They can be purchased like an experience or resource boost for station cash or certification points (boosts can only be purchased with station cash) and they can be picked up in a random loot system when killing enemies or destroying vehicles.  They will be loaded into or attached to a specific loadout – for example a player might attach an implant to his infiltrator loadout and only while he is actively using that particular infiltrator loadout does the timer for that implant tick down.

Implants were originally scheduled to be released with Game Update 13 (July 24th, 2013) but the implementation was pulled a week before release due to an overwhelming amount of negative player feedback on the design and implementation that was proposed.  John Smedley (President of SOE) was the one that made the public announcement via Twitter with two posts.  (Tweet 1Tweet 2)

On January 23rd, 2013 an official post was made on’s forums stating that implants have once again been put on the roadmap and that they are tentatively scheduled to be released April 2014.  It was also released that there would be a tier system for implants with up to four power levels for each implant – the higher the power level the more potent the effects of the implant will be.

A deconstruction system was also explained.  Players will be able to deconstruct multiple implants in order to change the type or upgrade the power level.  Two random implants of the same power level deconstructed together will yield another random implant type of the same power level.  Three random implants of the same power level will yield a random implent type of the next power level up.  This system will allow players to recycle implants that they do not necessarily want in hopes of receiving an implant that they do want.

Below is a list of the proposed implants that would be available upon release.

Audio Amplifier

  • Increases the “fire detect range” stat on enemy weapons. This will increase the range at which enemies show up on the mini-map when they fire their weapon.
  • Amplifies the footstep audio of all enemy players.

Battle Hardened

  • Reduces the camera shake from all explosions.
  • Flinch when being hit by enemy projectiles or proximity damage is reduced.

Enhanced Targeting

  • Allows the player to mouseover and see enemy names at range.
  • Allows player to see health of armor.
  • Extends IFF range of reticule.

Range Finder

  • Shows distance to target.


  • Causes killed enemy players to spawn ammunition pickups. Does not apply to explosives.


  • Auto-spots enemies who damage or kill you.
  • Auto-spots enemies that you damage.

Quick Use

  • Speeds up the use of all grenades, items, placed explosives, and deployables.
  • Also speeds up the swap and use times of all non-weapons.

Sensor Shield

  • Makes the player undetectable to enemy radar unless sprinting.
  • Makes the player undetectable by enemy motion sensors unless sprinting.

Safe Landing

  • Reduced fall damage.


  • Halves spotted duration.
  • Reduces the audio range of your footsteps.

Thermal Reduction

  • Prevents the wearer from being highlighted by night and thermal vision. Infantry only.

Clear Vision

  • Protects player from concussion and flash grenades.

EMP Shielding

  • Protects player from EMP grenades.


  • Close-range enemy explosives are highlighted.

What implants are you looking forward to and why?

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