PlanetSide 2 Test Server


The PlanetSide 2 test server offers players the chance to play content that is undergoing development.  Players can get a sneak peak on content that is due out soon to the live servers.  Due to the nature of it being a test server, this content is subject to change and may not reflect what is going to be released.  Players can experience new vehicles, weapons and other utilities, new map content or changes and even new continents.

In order to log into the PlanetSide 2 Test Server, also known as PTS for short, players will have to download and install a client separate from the PS2 client that they use for live gameplay.

Be advised, PTS does not allow for character progression of any characters on live servers.  Your PTS character will be created, however, with a wealth of cert points with which to try things out so there is no need to gain experience to gain access to certifications and equipment that a player may want to test out.

Official Planetside 2 Test Server Discussion Forum

What are you eager to test out on the Planetside 2 Test Server?

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