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If you’ve been on in the past 48 hours you have probably noticed that there has been a lot more activity on our live Twitch.TV streams.  There has been some pretty grainy footage on my stream, often times looking like a slideshow and Anski’s twitch stream has been pretty busy, too.

For those that have sneered at the poor quality of my stream: hang tight!  I have a new internet connection coming, one that will allow me to stream at 1080p or higher!  When I ran the numbers, I should be able to comfortably stream up to a 1200p resolution with room to spare – which is what my gaming computer runs for display resolution.

And my gaming computer will hopefully be upgraded in the next few weeks, too!  That way it will be less of a slideshow.  Here is my hopeful end result for my streaming set up.

Gaming Computer Components

Streaming Computer Components

The entire idea is to feed the screen output of my gaming computer into the Streaming computer via the capture card.  Then let the streaming computer handle the heavy lifting of H.264 1080-1200p video encoding and streaming.  It should allow for some very high quality streaming and video recording.

Once that is established and my new internet connection is in place, I hope to run a 24/7 Twitch stream for this website that will feature past recordings, game and movie trailers and other related videos when I am not actively playing a game.  When I am broadcasting live, it will feature whatever game it is I’m playing and commentary on it.  Of course it will allow my viewers to comment and where appropriate, I’ll respond to their comments on the live stream.

I may even accept submissions for videos and air them on the stream, to include game clan, guild or outfit recruitment videos.

The time frame for all of this?  3-4 weeks.  It really depends on the budget for the new computer components.  A measly $607 but still a lot for me – a lowly part-time video game journalist.

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