The Elder Scrolls Online Combat System

The masses are definitely clamoring for information about The Elder Scrolls Online.  The social networks are buzzing with discussions and speculations on what the game might be like.  But information is scarce as to what the game will truly be like.  Much of the information that is out there is comprised of educated guesswork based off of tidbits of information seen in screenshots, videos and blog posts made by the developers.  A big point of discussion is about The Elder Scrolls Online Combat System and what it has in store for players.  It seems like it will be the make or break aspect of the game.

However a large tidbit, but still a tidbit, of information was released last week in a blog post on in regards to the basic dynamics of dungeons and combat.

Many gamers are afraid that TESO will be a clone of other MMORPGs that have been recently successful – featuring easy to use UI supporting a simple combat system with clearly defined roles in combat with a candy coating of Tamriel around it.  The blog post referenced does hint at that fear under a particular interpretation.  Other interpretations draw a vivid, diverse and challenging combat system that requires players to pay attention to the action of the enemy combatants and their actions instead of a user interface full of target and party health bars.

The official blog post talks about pack mentality which at first seems much like aggression mechanics that have been seen by other cookie-cutter MMOs but later goes on to dictate that enemies will adapt to combat and attack the player or players that makes sense for the enemy’s particular combat capabilities.  It also goes on to describe that enemies that are part of a pack but are not intially attacked may not outright attack and will instead move and prepare to attack in ways that are advantageous to the enemy.

There was also a lot of talk about DPSHealing and Tanking in addition to talk of cross-class development.  A player that focuses primarily on melee will be able to train skills in healing to support his or her party in times of need, meaning that a character can dabble in multiple classes to suit his or her needs and desires.  This branches away from recent cookie-cutter MMORPGs which have mostly seemed to put character development on a fixed path with perhaps a few branches.  It also holds true to character development options seen in previous installments of The Elder Scrolls to include Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

The blog still leaves much to be desired and eager fans will still have to wait for more official releases of information to feed their craving for the details of combat system they will use in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What are you looking forward to or dreading most in The Elder Scrolls Online?

Still craving more about The Elder Scrolls online?  Be sure to check out our Elder Scrolls Online Videos to get the eye candy you desire!

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