Yuka is the head honcho of The Lone Gamers.  He has played video games for more than two decades and throughout that time has had a very very wide sampling of gaming – everything from arcade to console to PC to handheld to mobile to tabletop to card to paper gaming – pretty much every type and he enjoys it all, though his heart truly lies with PC gaming. 560353_3201684042817_921564130_n

He studied Data Telecommunications in college and worked in the industry for almost a decade performing work for corporate Help Desks – both assisting users and managing and building the data network infrastructure that the corporations used.  Later on in his career he worked for an IT Consulting Firm where he worked on a lot of innovative things.

He left the life of professionally working with computers to enlist in 63216_10151526035150033_1360616335_nMilitary service where he has been ever since.  In the US Army he works as an infantryman, where his job description is as lethal sounding as it actually is – “To close with and engage the enemy in close combat with small arms using fire and maneuver tactics.”  Woah is an understatement!

He has always enjoyed video games and has always integrated his love of gaming into his spare time whenever possible. Now, besides running The Lone Gamers, he plays games on his computer along with a small circle of friends.  He streams regularly on Twitch.TV.  He is also an advocate of quality of games over quantity of games – he’d rather see a few amazing games come out than a ton of low quality games. Check Yuka out in the follow locations:

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