Star Citizen Mining

Star Citizen Mining

Mining is an attractive occupation in games such as space sims for some players.  Some enjoy the feeling of being productive.  Others enjoy the haul.  There’s some sort of draw towards the procurement of raw materials to be used by society.  Maybe that it’s… the raw contribution to society.

Star Citizen takes mining away from the monotonous activity that many other games engineer mining to be.  The profession will be full of pitfalls and perils that will leave the unprepared, or those that simply do not keep up their situational awareness, in shambles.  It will be a dangerous profession.

Mining presents players with a variety of challenges requiring skill and intelligence, whereas mindless repetition of a task and idle drudgery are explicitly avoided. There are no aspects of mining that allow a player to simply press a button and wait without concern for a result, or that require players to perform an action repeatedly without some element of thought and/or dexterity coming into play.

Ample amounts of dangerous situations are afforded, despite the fact that combat isn’t inherent in any fundamental aspect of the effort. The most valuable materials will often reside deep within a dense field, the result of less experienced pilots being unable to extricate them without suffering serious damage to their ship. Compressed pockets of gas, volatile materials that can explode in the presence of excessive energy (which is required in some capacity in order to liberate the ore from its parent asteroid), and elements that can explode when subjected to seismic vibrations as caused by repeated fragmentation operations all present their own unique types of jeopardy. While most miners will seek to actively avoid armed conflict, the reality is that any ship carrying a cargo of valuable ore will present a tempting target to less scrupulous types, rewarding those players that formulate contingency plans in advance, whether that be the hiring of an NPC crew member extremely talented with a defense turret, or investing a portion of the expected profits into hiring an armed escort or two.

There is currently a dedicated mining ship that will be in the game.  Some players already own one, but as of the time of this publication, they are no longer available.  They will be able to be earned in the game.

The Orion Mining Platform is a ruggedized and dedicated mining ship.  It’s everything that a hardcore miner will need to conduct large scale material harvesting operations.

More information about mining in Star Citizen can be found here.