Saving Money With Digit

We all have expenses in life which we just keep putting off on saving for. Sometimes it’s a new gaming PC, a new car, a house, a vacation, or just some extra financial cushion.

Well I found a great way to tuck away money for a rainy day. Digit makes it easy to save for any purpose that comes to mind.

I’ve used Digit for a few years and it makes saving for any purpose seem like I’m saving money out of thin air.

Just set up a savings goal amount, give it a name, and you can optionally set a goal date to have the money saved. Digit will then withdraw a few dollars every few days and automatically work towards your goal.

Digit watches your expenses closely and knows exactly what it can pull from your account safely. It’ll even reverse itself if it thinks you may not have enough in your count and double as an extra and automatic financial cushion for you.

I’ve used Digit to save up for a new gaming computer, for my trip for my brother’s wedding, and even to provide an additional payment to pay off a credit card faster (much, much faster than had I made standard monthly payments alone). I didn’t miss the money out of my account either. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been surprised to see how much money was in my Digit account.

Check Digit out today using this special offer and you’ll get a $5 bonus when you make your first autosave. You’ll also get bonuses once you’ve met various savings thresholds!