We bring to you a collaborative blog that has many Authors with different interests and opinions and backgrounds.  The goal is to give the readers a diversified and never stagnant flow of content!

Here are our authors and a little about them.


He has a real live wolf as a pet. How cool is that?

One of the most serious of the serious gamers.   Did we mention that he is serious about his gaming?  Yuka spent the better part of a decade working in the Information Technology industry handling everything from inquiries about jammed printers to “I have 3.4 million dollars to spend on a virtualized cluster with SAN, can you help me?”.  After doing his time he moved on to a second career in the US Army where he “Closes with and engages the enemy in close combat using fire and maneuver tactics”, which to us really doesn’t mean much besides that he risks his life to keep the wolves at bay and we can’t thank him enough for that.

His writing style is unique because it is very technical and analytical.  He writes a lot of technical articles, so if you are trying to figure out how to tweak the latest and greatest game to run smoothly on your not-so-up-to-date gaming computer, his articles are definitely something to check out.  He also enjoys writing mini-strategy guides for some games that involve a lot of outside-the-box thinking application.  He’s also a huge home media buff – the type of guy that can pause a movie in the living room and pick up where he left off on the bedroom TV or on his cell phone while he is driving.

His gaming is limited to PC gaming and he enjoys simulators of all sorts, larger first person shooters, real time strategies and the occasional role playing game.

To Yuka’s Articles

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She’s also apparently a model of sorts, but she didn’t put that on her resume when she applied to work with The Lone Gamers. She felt it would make us instantly hire her.

Tink is our token female gamer.  Every serious group of gamers has one so we figured “Why not?”  While she doesn’t do a lot of writing on the site, she more than makes up for it with personality injection when we host live events.

Tink is mostly a home-maker.  She enjoys animals of all types, especially “fluffy ones”.  She aspires to run a petting zoo one day.

Before her home-maker position, she worked primarily as a “Hospitality Manager”.  While we don’t know what it means exactly, we do know it wasn’t anything to do with a hospital.

When she games, she goes hard in the paint.  She mostly plays Diablo III and she rocks a mean Wizard.  (Or is it a witch?)

Check her out on one of our live streams!

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