Why do I have a free Freelancer in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is in an alpha test right now so it is full of bugs. It’s to be expected. One of the bugs is a particularly nasty Error 30009 and another is the dreaded “Infinite Loading Screen”.

The work around for players for both of these bugs is to enter Arena Commander in Free Flight mode in a ship that has a bed in it and then lay down in the bed and choose the “Log Off” option while laying in the bed from the interaction menu.

But the problem with that workaround is that not all players own a ship with a bed in it. So, until this bug is resolved, every player gets a “free” Freelancer regardless of what ships they already own.

So enjoy the Freelancer for the time being. Use it, abuse it, or just let it sit and enjoy one of your other ships. It isn’t a permanent thing so don’t get used to it.

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