Star Citizen Roadmap Update June 5th, 2020

Star Citizen Roadmap Update June 5th, 2020

With Q2 2020’s end just around the corner in on June 30th, we are starting to see Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 really start to shape up and gain momentum to an Evocati test. As it stands we are at 83% complete for 3.10.0.

This week we have three late entries for 3.10.0:

  • Electron Damage – Electron is comprised of energy, distortion and stun damage. Targets hit by an electron projectile will retain a charge for a brief amount of time, and if hit again will discharge damage in the area.
  • Law System v2: Impoundment Improvements – Impoundment has been developed so that infractions can have different fines and durations, allowing light penalties for blocking pads versus harsher penalties for pad ramming. Players lingering over landing areas without permission will now see a countdown timer warning them of imminent impoundment, should they not withdraw.
  • Turret and Gunnery Improvements – New controls and functional UI will be added for turrets. Fixed weapons (on ships and turrets) get more computer assists, which will make them viable choices, especially for multicrew. Additionally, tweaks to PIP calculation improve the stability for hitting targets in all aiming modes.

Each of those entries begins with some substantial completion with Turret and Gunnery Improvements coming in with the lowest completion percentage at 64.

NPC Improvements: Bartender has returned at 79% and hopefully it’ll be released once and for all after floating around for nearly 5 years… It was originally on the 3.6 roadmap then moved to the 3.8 and then dropped completely and has now mysteriously appeared on 3.10.0. Will it remain? Only time will tell.

The following items were completed this week:

  • Thruster Efficiency Curves and Aerodynamics
  • High Speed Combat
  • Restricted Area Rework
  • Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes Emerald
  • Origin m50 Improvements

With Q2 ending in 25 days we should see an Evocati release within the next 5 to 7 business days if 3.10.0 is to be released before the end of Q2 2020. Only time will tell.

What are you looking forward to? Let us know on Twitter @TheLoneGamers or in comments below or come and discuss it on our Discord.

Star Citizen Roadmap

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[…] the corner.. so close that it went out to Evocati for testing yesterday. We saw a 7% jump from last week and are now sitting at 90% complete with the lowest percentage item being the Bartender NPC […]