Realistic Star Citizen Update – July 22nd, 2018

Calling All Devs
-For some applications, turrets, NPCs are meant to be just as effective as a player crew.
-Something about jetpacks and grappling hooks, no but thinking about jump jets in future.
-CIG is still working on the tech so that internal modules can take damage that is applied to the ship. Seriously?
-CIG is building the tech behind food, water, and hygiene mechanics for characters. Yes this is really being worked on before so many other things.
-CIG is working on knockdown, staggers, and other effects are in development so players will fall over into a bleedout state rather than just dying.
-CIG wants to use this to prevent the scenario where you fly out 30 minutes and get one shotted to death. Yeah, good luck with that.
-You can recover from a downed state but will have a bleedout debuff (or something) that will slowly kill you unless you get treatment.

Around the Verse
-Gonna start with an axe to grind here, Chris opens with talk about some amazing emergent gameplay over an event where two teams of players created a forced scenario and with rules limiting play.
That is 100% not emergent, player driven, gameplay and in fact the fact that players had to contrive the scenario so much points to some serious work being needed, but Chris gives himself a big old pat on the back.
-Second section of this is about the CryAstro blockade where Arena Commander users have gotten so frustrated with with the suspension of Arena Commander development that they’re greifing anyone trying to refuel or repair their ships.
It’s neat that CIG covered this but their end of it is a joke about fixing security “soon”. This same thing happened when Eve launched and CCP had a fix banged out in a few weeks, you can’t take months to respond to player exploits.
-Turrets can now target lock other ships and will not rotate with the ship any longer so you can actually shoot the target.
-Lots of pretty pictures about stuff in development.
-Last bit is talking about the amazing chance to watch a ship concept/sale get revealed live, tomorrow.

Reverse the Verse
-The 300 rework, Banu Defender, Freelancers, and 890 Jump have all begun production. Or something.
-Lots of talk about other ships, not too many details, no updates on ships that have been MIA for a few years now.
-Oh five minutes in and the show takes a left turn, turns out this show is actually just an hour long advert for the new medical ship.
-Fuck this, I’m not wasting my life writing a list of CIG’s reasons why you just need to cough up money on this new ship.

Production Schedule
-Network entity streaming completed this week, apparently this tech is a sort of precursor to the other tech needed to make 3.3 work.
-Asynchrous background spawning saw another 10% progress to ~80%.
-The other network tech remains stalled at ranges between 13%-80%.
-Little bit of progress in some areas but in the 1%-3% regions.
-No updates to 3.4 or anything beyond.

Game Design Notes on Medical Gameplay

-NPC crews are supposed to be able to match player crews in certain areas effectively. Sounds like a great idea.
-Character requirements for food, water, and hygine mechanics are in development now.
-Development begun on a down/bleedout mechanic that you can self recover from, so players don’t fly 20 minutes and get out of their ship only to be one shotted. So remember to double tap.
-Players got upset about CIG suspending development on Arena Commander and started killing anyone trying to refuel their ship. CIG said they’ll fix security Soon.
-CIG effectively used the rest of the shows for the week to promote another concept sale ship.

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