Realistic Star Citizen Update – April 24th, 2018

Unusual mid week update but a bit of info dropped and I’m not going to remember to add it if I leave it until the end of the week.

There was a fan run BritizenCon event that had CIG Euro attendance with questions being answered.
No official stream or anything (Stream here) but a ton of “info” dropped and was posted as a youtube vid.
“Info” in quotes because it’s CIG talking and half this shit will probably go nowhere like most of the talk.

Object Container Streaming
Object container streaming, scheduled for 3.3, is the biggest hurdle for the game at this point.
If it doesn’t work the game is up technical shit creek. CIG and the fanboys used nicer words but even they didn’t shy away from the fact that the game isn’t going anywhere until this works, without it only super-future-computers will handle what CIG has now sold this project as.

Server meshing and things to allow higher player counts is secondary and if it doesn’t work CIG will find alternate solutions, object container streaming has no fallbacks and the project lives and dies on it at this point as the game structure that has developed needs this to work.

Boring shit, mining has a laser for breaking rocks and a magic extraction laser that harvests the rocks.
Welp so much for that non typical space mining system CIG was talking the shit out of years back.

Not all rocks can be mined, in some typical MMO bullshit apparently you need to look for the special rocks that can be mined.

3.2 is confirmed to only have planetary mining, no space based mining.
Space based mining is for a future expansion and since it’s not on the schedule it’s safe to say that’s over a year away.

Ships that are not built for mining probably won’t be able to do anything other than assist in mining, mining ships are role locked.

Squadron 42
SQ42 Episode 2 & 3 are in “pre-production”, so CIG code for sitting on a schedule somewhere with dick all being done.

CIG won’t delay SQ42 for full AI/systems completion as they can fake some parts of it with scripting. So kinda like your average CIG stage demo.

Purchasing Ships Ingame
Erin Roberts says purchasing ships ingame with credits is a firm “maybe” for 3.2.

Personally I call bullshit on this one, this commitment has been made multiple times now and been missed multiple times now so any talk about CIG rocking their cash-for-ships gravy train is pure bullshit until CIG actually does it and puts it in the live release.

Multicrew / Command & Control
Apparently CIG has stated that they’re beginning work on multicrew functionality but if I’m being honest I’ve gotta call bullshit on this, it sounds more like they’re working the base functionality a multiplayer game needs just to let other people onto your ship while not letting randoms come aboard and fuck your shit up.

They’re working on sharing waypoints, control permissions for ships/doors, and other base level stuff.
That isn’t control stations, mechanics, and gameplay. It’s just the base you need to get multiple people on the ship.

Command and control will allow you to share ship data, sensors, targeting, and other useful fleet stuff but even CIG was honest when they said they’re not doing any work on this yet and it’s behind the other tasks listed above.

First Person Shoota
If you board a ship you can only kill the people on board, mechanics for damaging ship modules is further off in the future.

And just to make this post sound more bitter I’ll include this.
Note: Not actually feeling that bitter, just posting info and have an allergy to CIG bullshit at this point.

[Image: bduwalV.png]

Some of the Reddit users pointed out that CIG is bullshitting their way through their production schedule and listing things as complete that haven’t actually been fixed or even worked on.

Here’s their beef.
The IFCS is still broken as of 3.1 and 3.1.3 and other patches with CIG now saying it won’t be done until 3.2, so CIG is literally delaying even fixes across six months.
The visor has a bunch of missing stuff just like the picture says, fairly half quarter assed implementation.
Weapon balance has had nearly no work done and users are pointing out CIG has not actually balanced any weapons since 2.6.3, released 2017-04-07, so CIG is marking something that they’ve ignored for over a year as complete despite how much of a negative impact it’s been having on the user experience.

I’ve gotta admit, that’s fairly friggin dishonest on CIG’s part even by their admittedly low standards.

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