Realistic Star Citizen Update - February 11th, 2018

Realistic Star Citizen Update – February 11th, 2018

Hey it’s time for a big update post because I was too lazy to give a fuck about looking this crap up for a week, or two.
I can’t really say this is contains every CIG response and every fan interpretation as I’m only half following things and typically just watching CIG’s infomercials while doing other, more entertaining things, on the compooters.

Feb 2nd-ish Updates to 2018 Roadmap

3.4 – Q4 release is now to include…

Parallel Network Jobs – Moving packet receive processing into the job system so that the server can handle a greater number of connections. This system should allow the game to increase player count per server beyond the limitations of the current tech.

Lobby Refactor – This will lay the groundwork for server migration technology that will allow us to connect multiple servers and clients in the same game session. As this task is closely aligned to server meshing, there won’t be an immediate observable benefit to the tech until all server meshing work is complete.

Server Meshing – First iteration of the server meshing technology. With this system, individual servers would be responsible for different locations within the solar system. When operational, players and entities should experience seamless transitions between servers during quantum travel.

Reverse Feature Creep, Ship HP & Armor

As per this ATV episode. Taking my notes from the community discussions though.

It looks like CIG is abandoning/delaying(?) the segmented ship HP system where segments of the ship have individual HP and break down/off and rather going over to a system where when your HP=0 ship goes boom.
Basically hits to the wing of your ship count the same as core hits by the sounds community discussions.
Ship HP is assigned by the size/volume of the ship.

Also armour works as a percentage based damaged reduction.
Example: Civilian ships take 90% damage from a weapons hit, military take 70%.
NPCs get crappier armour so they’re easy to kill.

Don’t really know the state of ship subsystems anymore, the community conversations don’t really give a clear indication either as sectored damage to ships now appears to be gone so it’s an open question at this point.
In fact the entire damn thing is confusing to read from the community comments so I’m just passing what’s being said.

The old ship repair design doc (archive) does appear to be effectively dead as the Dodo for now though and it looks like repair ships will HP rechargers effectively.

You can watch some further commentary from CIG here but the general gist I’m getting is that these are “temporary” reductions and simplifications as things are being worked on.

Feb 9th Update to 2018 Roadmap

The “Distress Call” beacon got moved up from 3.2 into 3.1.
No gameplay functions moved with this, just the beacon function.

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