What is Star Citizen

What is Star Citizen?

What is Star Citizen?  is an epic first person experience spanning hundreds of solar systems where players can fly highly detailed spaceships, battle on foot through massive stations, explore life-sized planets, and discover adventure in an ever-expanding and changing galaxy.

is currently in alpha and that means that Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is still creating the technologies and designs that will allow the game to come to life. Since game can take years, has invited those that have financially backed the game to join in on the play-testing to help find and defeat bugs and to provide feedback.

has been broken down into several modules to release to the community to provide early testing.  If you have a Star Citizen game package, you can start playing today.

Continuing on with answering the question What is , let’s look at the components of Star Citizen.

is a dog fighting and racing simulator that lets players test out flight mechanics.

The module, Star Marine, puts players in head-to-head ground and combat.

In the biggest module, the Persistent Universe, or PU, you can fly solo or crew up your ship with your friends to explore, dog fight in ships, or battle on foot.  The PU represents the first glimpse of what will eventually be the massively multiplayer universe of Star Citizen.

What is itself

Players will be able to choose their own path in the universe from bounty hunters to pirates, mercenaries, traders, miners, explorers and many more.

is a separate single-player campaign set within the universe.  It will put players face-to-face with an unbelievable cast.

Do you want to know more?

Check out our Star Citizen information page.

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