Star Citizen: The Ships of 2.6

This behind the scenes takes a look at some of the ships that are going to be included in Alpha 2.6, including Drake's hauling ship, Drake's Herald info-runner and 's luxury snub ship, the 85X.

The has turned into a swiss army knife of logistics even more than it was originally intended to be.  It features a module system that allows the owner/operator to tweak the ship by using purpose-built modules.  Modules include cargo, habitation modules, weapon modules, and much more.

The is a luxury snub fighter: think luxury sports car for flying in .  The designers are using all new materials so nothing is being reused from previous Origin ship builds.  It is also very… very shiny.

The is an information/data running ship designed to gather and transport data.  Think of it as a messenger ship that carries sensitive data such as scientific data or corporate trade secrets.

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