Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 Presentation Demo

Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 Presentation Demo

Today Chris Roberts came out and blew away the Star Citizen player community and probably a few more gaming communities.

The presentation today was apparently a v1.0 tech demo for the 3.0 alpha release.  Chris mentioned that they already have a v2.0 tech platform for the 3.0 alpha release that wasn’t ready for presentation today but may be ready by CitizenCon on October 9th.

The features for Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 are quite fantastic.

Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 Presentation Demo
A screen capture from the live stream during the presentation today that lists some of the features that the 3.0 alpha test will bring.  Click to see it for yourself!

First off, the Stanton System is getting an expansion.  This will be a debut in the planetary tech.  In the demo, you can see the map system and its basic functionality  (There really isn’t much to it because it was made to be simple to use.)  Here is a list of the locations players will be able to visit in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0:

  • ArcCorp
  • Hurston
  • Microtech
  • Crusader
  • Delamar
  • New Space Stations, moons and Asteroid belts

Now that players will have places to go, they need things to do.  This upcoming alpha test aims to add just that into the game by introducing taskings to be performed in the following professional areas:

  • Trading
  • Cargo Transport
  • Piracy
  • Mercenary
  • Bounty Hunting

The 53 minutes of gameplay presentation was simply amazing to watch and see how far this game has actually come.  I think the best part about it is that Chris Roberts said himself that alpha 3.0 of Star Citizen should be available to players by December of 2016.  That’s this year!



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