Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Bugs

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Bugs

I want to take a minute to write about some of the Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Bugs that players are experiencing.

The time Cry-Astro entered quantum travel…  That’s one of them… quantum travel follows you everywhere you go, just the visual effects, until you die.

The airlocks are getting stuck and the workaround is to go to the 3rd floor to the “noodle” vending machine next to the entrance to the women’s restroom and jump on top of that and somehow you exit through the roof of the station.  Just make sure you generate your ship first otherwise you aren’t getting back in to spawn one.

Some weapon pips aren’t lining up with where you actually need to be aiming.  Sometimes this only happens against specific ships at specific speed brackets (targetting a Freelancer in that is going into or coming out of cruise speeds is one case.)  They aren’t off by much and you can see how your shots are missing and make a small adjustment.  The tarantula is one of them.  (If you don’t have those on your Hornets, you are wrong.)

There’s another weird bug when using a mouse that sometimes makes it so the control cursor when piloting the ship wants to recenter and you have to “fight” it.  Getting out of the ship and back in fixes it.

AI ships, when destroyed will sometimes speed off on their last vector at a very high speed and then explode a few seconds later.  Kind of annoying until you figure it out.

Squadron battle team balancing is messed up sometimes, especially when there aren’t a lot of people online playing that game mode.  I was on a team by myself for 20 minutes straight against 7-8 other players throughout the match with people coming and going – all onto the other team.

The major issue with Crusader right now where your computer is trying to run singleplayer mode and is running the AI code for all other ships – AI or players, trying to calculate the AI for them in any given situation.  The server is still handling it all, but your computer is doing the computation right now.  It causes a lot of performance issues when there are a lot of other ships around.  Some of the comm array POI’s are useless going to.

All-in-all, not bad for an alpha test.  Crusader is alright.  The real take-away is squadron battle (when teams are balanced) and battle royal.  I know some say we can’t really “progress” in any in-game materialistic way but a lot of tactics and “skillz” of the game can be learned in PvP arena commander – I suggest getting on and playing a few rounds.  It’s actually pretty fun.

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