Star Citizen Footage – Hornet versus Mustang

As part of  getting back into the saddle of gaming, I have been playing more and more of Star Citizen’s Arena Commander, which allows backers or “pledges” of the upcoming game Star Citizen to spar off with each other in a few of the ships that are purchasable.  The list of ships has been growing with each month since the release earlier this year.  Arena Commander gives players an early introduction to what small ship combat might feel like in the release version.  I say “might” because as with anything this early out from release, there is a huge chance that a lot of aspects will change.  However, so far, combat feels really good, especially in team-based game modes, which is the type of combat a lot of players will be engaged in.

Hornet versus Mustang

Crausaum and I from Ixion Defence Systems (IXDS) had a chance to play a few matches against each other and with other IXDS members.  Here is a recording of a match where he and I sparred off.  I was flying the Anvil Aerospace F7A Hornet Trainer and he was in the Consolidated Outland M50 Mustang – it was a miserably outclassed match.  The Hornet is a slow, heavily armored space craft that spits pure death from the weapon systems onboard.  The Mustang is a fast and nimble craft without much in the way of defenses.  It was a tough match for both pilots but I’ll let the video reveal the true winner!

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