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RSI Aurora ES

The Aurora is the modern day descendant of the Roberts Space Industries X-7 spacecraft which tested the very first jump engines. Utilitarian to a T, the Aurora is the perfect beginner’s ship: what it lacks in style it makes up for in ample room for upgrade modules. Most pilots move up from an Aurora as quickly as their credit accounts allow… but a select few regard flying this venerable spacecraft as a badge of honor!

Everyone needs to start somewhere.  The 2943 Aurora Essential is a hell of a place to start. A basic ship that isn’t built like a basic ship, the Aurora ES is everything you need, with no excess.

The RSI Aurora ES is not currently available for sale on the open market.


RSI Aurora MR

Perhaps you’re looking for something that offers carrying capacity but has combat capabilities too?  The Aurora Marque comes with a pair of Behring-quality lasers and a high quality gun cooler system.

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RSI Aurora CL

Customized for mercantile and trading excursions, the Aurora Clipper is the perfect vessel for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned traders alike.  Swapping a smaller power plant and armor capabilities for an expanded cargo capacity, the Clipper ups the ante for personal merchant craft.

The RSI Aurora CL is currently not available for sale on the open market.


RSI Aurora LN

The 2944 “Legionnaire” model of the tried-and-true Aurora spacecraft is here! The Legionnaire is the roughest, toughest Aurora yet, capable of mixing it up with skilled dogfighters or safely carrying a pilot to the edge of the known universe. The most trusted line in spacecraft just got better.

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RSI Aurora LX

Most pilots discard their first ship the moment they can afford something sleeker, pricier.  Be proud of your roots with the brand-new Aurora Deluxe, built for the discerning pilot who never forgets where he or she came from.  The LX features patent leather interior to guarantee comfort for those long stretches in the deep black.

The RSI Aurora LX is not currently available for sale on the open market.

RSI Aurora Comparison Chart


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