Star Citizen – Origin Jumpworks 300 Series

300iOrigin Jumpworks 300i

If you’re going to travel the stars… why not do it in style? The 300i is Origin Jumpworks’ premiere luxury spacecraft is a sleek, silver killer that sends as much of a message with its silhouette as it does with its particle cannons. Some have accused Origin of putting style over substance and inflating the sticker price to match… but at heart the 300i is still an elegant dogfighter’s tool.

Link:  Shop for the 300i

315p315p Explorer

The 315p is ORIGIN’s “exploration” ship, featuring long-range engines and a pre-installed tractor beam! Explore strange new worlds in the comfort of a brand-new ORIGIN 315p.

Watch the official 315p Explorer Commercial

Link:  Shop for the 315p Explorer

325a325a Fighter

The ORIGIN 325a is the militarized model, featuring pre-installed missile launchers and a centerline Mass Driver Cannon. The 325a packs a powerful punch and should scare off even the deadliest Vanduul raiders!

Watch the official 325a Fighter Commercial

Link:  Shop for the 325a Fighter


350r Racer

The combination of a Gangleri BP 707 Standard powerplant with a 300i fuselage re-engineered to accommodate twin Hammer Propulsion HM 4.3 thrusters makes the 350r the fastest personal craft you’ll ever call your own.

Watch the official 350r Racer Commercial

The 350r was a limited production run model and is currently not available on the open market.

300 Series Comparison Chart



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