A Fresh Start

So, it’s official.  I’ve been accepted into the flight academy for Ixion Defense Systems.  I’ve been applying for flight jobs left and right but having no flight experience besides a few unofficial and undocumented hours in a flight simulator, nobody has spent even a second to even look at my resume.

Today I received a secure communication from IXDS indicating that they have accepted my job application.  However the application did not give me a date of employment or training start.  I’m still very excited.

There is so much to do, so much to get started on.  I think I’ll start immediately.  I’ve been up all night researching topics such as personal fitness training, IXDS – their history, current contracts and their fleet – and general flight instruction.  I’ve learned more this evening about such matters than I have my entire life.

Tomorrow I start on my new exercise regime to get me in shape for potentially dire situations where physical fitness could mean the difference between life or death. Plus, a fighter pilot has to look good in and out of uniform.  At the very least, it’ll help keep my body and mind busy while I wait for a second communication from IXDS indicating when my training is to begin.

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