Feanaro’s Journal – Episode 2 – To Falkreath

After a bit of rest, I’ve changed my mind as to my destination for now.  Having been stripped of what little supplies I had when the Imperials apprehended me, I find it in my best interest to find an establishment with which to gather some worthy supplies of a ranger such as myself.

I’ve decided to head for the city of Falkreath, to the west.  I feel that it is close enough to the Cyrodiil border that should things in Skyrim go sour, I can easily slip back into Cyrodiil and head back towards Bruma to rest and refit before figuring out where to go next.

I headed along the road to the north of Helgen where I left off with my last entry.  After a very short distance, I turned towards the west and shadowed the road for a bit until I came across a camp with a fire burning.

I only saw one person in the camp, he had a bow and was standing in the middle of the camp, pacing back and forth.  He didn’t see me at first as I was perched above his position along a ridge line.  My best guest was that he was a common bandit that preyed upon travelers.  I quickly moved around to the south of the camp to see if he was alone.  Three tents, each with a bedroll and only one bandit.  Lucky me. I loosed and arrow into my adversary’s chest.  He did not fall, instead he charged at me.  Luckily I was a good distance from him and had time to draw my sword and shield.  He didn’t stand a chance.

I picked through the camp but didn’t find much of use besides a little bit of food.  I hid his body along the base of the ridge line as to not alarm his friends should they return after I left.

I headed back out, shadowing the road, moving west.  As I rounded a rocky out cropping, two more bandits, presumedly the fellows of the one that I had just dispatched surprised me at close quarters.  I quickly drew my sword and shield and took down the larger of the two who was wielding a great sword very carelessly.  His friend didn’t throw caution to the wind – slowly stepping towards me with a one-handed axe and his shield in full blocking position.  It took a really hearty swing to break his block and offset his stance – after that he fell quickly.

Oddly enough, immediately following the engagement I ran into a bard by the name of Talsgar the Wanderer.  He presented no through and only offered friendly song and gossip.  I paid him some coin to hear a song in hopes that he wouldn’t tell anyone about me in an ill tone.  After hearing the song, we parted ways.

After resting for a bit I carried on and found a shrine, seemingly a Shrine of Talos with several dead worshippers that were all wearing the typical Talos worshipper guard that I became accustomed to during my time in Cyrodiil.  Based on their wounds, I can safely assume that the bandit gang that I eliminated were to blame for their deaths.

Pressing on, I came upon a lone house in the forest called “Pinewatch”.  The front door was locked but my lock pick set quickly took care of that.  Sneaking in through the front door, the main floor did not contain a soul.  I could hear a single voice from the cellar, seemingly talking to another whom I did not hear speak.

ScreenShot2They talked about skooma and beer and other strong drink.  I did not dare enter the cellar, however, for I did not know who was down there or their general disposition to visitors that let themselves in.  I silently left but on my way out, I saw a written note on the door that spoke of treasure signed by Rigel Strong-Arm.  I shall return if I’m still interested in the event that I learn more about this Rigel Strong-Arm and what type of treasure he might have stored in that cellar.

I continued to push west, despite nightfall.  Rangers move best in the dark.  I encountered what appeared to be a wooden bridge over the trail with man-shaped silhouettes growing from the top of the two towers.  Instead of walk under the bridge, I crept up along the southern ridge to get a better look.

I saw two bandits manning the top of this tower, which appeared to be a position from which they attacked travelers with arrows and boulders.  I quickly and easily killed them both by leveraging the element of surprise with a degree of stealth through the engagement.  They yielded nothing of value.

Image courtesy of Spencer V.K.
Image courtesy of Spencer V.K.

Further west, still under cover of the moon, I came across the ruins of an old stone tower.  Inside I came across a fierce spriggan.  She also took the breath from me as I was careless during the engagement.  Erring on the side of caution brought me a victory and the prize to fight another day.  Luckily, I was not poisoned.  Inside the tower I found an old chest that had a rough piece of garnet in it and some coin.

The rest of the journey to Falkreath was fairly uneventful.  I arrived with no fanfair under cover of darkness; the streets empty except for a lone guard roaming the streets.

Thoughts of the situation with the dragon have been stuck in my mind.  Despite my best attempts to calm my mind so I can focus it on wilderness survival and combat, I have been crushed by the weight of the happening at Helgen.  Will it happen again or was this just an isolated incident?

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