Feanaro’s Journal – Episode 1 – Escape from Two Deaths

What a day! First I was wrongfully detained and arrested by Imperials when I was crossing the border into Skyrim. How dare they arrest an innocent who was just looking to create a new life for himself. Thinking about it though, I probably would have arrested me if I was in their boots.

I had no clue that they would put me to the chopping block to see the executioner though.  Pretty harsh.

But that wasn’t the highlight of my day!  A dragon landed on the keep just above my head, above the executioner’s head, and above everyone’s heads in Helgen and began raining hellfire down upon the city!  Panic and chaos ensued from there.

In the confusion, I managed to get to my feed and run away to a nearby keep with one of the other prisoners.  A man by the name of Ralof, he apparently had sided with a faction called the Stormcloaks and was incarcerated for that.  It seems like the Stormcloaks don’t like the Imperials and the feeling is mutual.  After today’s events, I also do not like the Imperials, although I do not think I will put my life on the line to project that disdain.

Ralof guided me out of the city of Helgen and to safety.  We dispatched a few Imperials and other creatures along our escape route through a dungeon and eventually cave.  I exercised my blade and bow wielding skills that I learned back home in Valenwood as a ranger.  They are skills that I have not used in some time; not since I began wandering…

As we exited the mouth of the cave, overhead the dragon could be seen leaving the area, leaving the city of Helgen in ruin.  I didn’t look back.

Ralof told me I should head to Riverwood and talk to some folk he is related to there.  It is good to know that I have some people that are willing to open their home to me.  I think I may just live in the wilderness for a while as things cool down, though.  I’ve done it before and I certainly can do it again.

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