MMDoC – Deck Spotlight – Myranda, Blademage Champion

Happy New year everyone!! Welcome to my second article about Might & Magic Duel of Champions.  Over the holidays I had a lot of time to play this game.  I can’t put it down, it’s so much fun.  I keep wanting to build or tweak decks and grind out more games.  With the ease of getting into a game testing new decks is so easy.   You don’t need to spend money to play any games like some other online TCGs, which makes long gaming sessions very easy.   That along with how much strategy and deck building goes into the game, it’s making every match exciting and fresh.

Trying to level up and gain more gold and seals without spending money can be a bit grindy at times, but as I keep tuning and building decks it makes it not so much of a process and just plain old fun.  There is rumor of the Dev team working out a way to draft which much of the community is calling for.   I plan on making a MMDoC for beginners video on my YouTube channel so be on the look out for that.  But what I want to talk about is the deck I’ve been playing a lot and having the most fun with as of late.

Academy Myranda:

Above is a link to the deck list.  The main weakness of the deck is Kelthor decks which have become quite popular.  The match-up is along the lines of 30/70. There are some hands which just don’t give me a chance to survive in the early game and by the time I reach my late game my life is just too low to survive.   Crag Hack can be rough depending on their opening and my had to combat there onslaught but a timely forked lighting or other removal spell can stabilize the game.  Over the last 2 weeks or so I’ve started to really hate all Stronghold based decks.  Some of there creatures are just so hard to deal with and can hit so hard.

Lets dive into the deck list card by card.



A lot of people forget about her ability to move magic creatures and with this deck we have more then enough magic creatures to move.  There have been times opponents have laid down blockers thinking they are ok and I just move and attack for the win. It’s definitely something to taking into account when playing or playing against this hero.

Events – 8

1 Cosmic Balance

I really like having 1 of these in most of my decks. Its very good against a lot of the fortune based control decks that are loading up there hands with cards to beat you. It also unloads your hand making their Tower of Oblivion kill much harder.

4 Week of Taxes

Again a card to deal with the fortune based decks. Our removal spells don’t do much against them so we need a card that attacks and slows them down.

3 Blind Arbitors

Another card that is good against the fortune decks as they try to chain Campfires into more spells. Its also super good against the OTK decks. Many of them need to unload there hand with cards to beat you this stops them.

Creatures – 32

4 Scholar

Our only 1 drop and it is a very good one. It helps ramp our magic up which is much needed for our spells and even some of our creatures.  This guy even has spell resist which can come into play a lot more than one would think. People often forget about the spell resist and waste a spell trying to kill it.

2 Gargoyle

These were a fairly recent addition as it helps with the rush aggro match-ups. It’s an early drop that can block a lot of the aggressive creatures being played.

4 Spirit – Bound Djinn

The deck needs this lady and is by far one of the better 2 drops this style of Academy decks.  It has a big but with 6 toughness helping block against the aggressive decks. Also in that affect it has to retaliation which can kill some of the early creatures that attack it.  A 2 drop with 2 attack is always good and getting in early damage is necessary against the control decks.

3 Wizard Tutor

I was looking for a card to drop and I decided to cut these down to 3.  Yes we need to magic ramp but there are hands I was getting where it was just this guy and Scholars and that just doesn’t cut it.  Since going down to 3 I really have noticed a difference.  Again an auto inclusion because of the magic ramp but also having 5 toughness helps block in the early game for multiple turns.

2 Pao Deathseeker

I had 3 but went down to 2 just to make room. We aren’t a rush deck so we don’t need 3 or 4 of these to finish off an opponent.  A lot of times I’m using these to kill other creatures. This card is one of the best cards in the game.  It’s crazy how good they are.

3 Rakshasa

One of the more effective creatures against Crag Hack and Kelthor. It blocks but doesn’t take damage in the process. There are turns where this guy blocks 2 creatures no problem.  Again a theme in this deck all the creatures have a strong back side.

2 Guardian Golem

There are times where our opponent wants to kill a creature to break through and do some damage. With this guy out there it can be difficult. Against some other decks like Asalah OTK if this is out there creature enchant spells have to go onto this guy and it stops them.  When other decks want to steal one of our big creatures with Puppet Master they cant they have to take this guy.  He is super effective in 90% of our match ups.

3 Rakshasa Scout

Basically a better version of our 3 drop Rakshasa. This having the addition of swift makes him so, so good.  A creature will attack activating then evade, then the next turn we can move back into that row attack and evade the swing back.

1 Hasafah, the Unseen Arrow

Wow this guy is cheap and powerful.  Only costs 3 might so while we are pumping our magic it wont hold us back from playing him on turn four.  Every line of text on this guy is very good.  The focus blast can help kill multiple creatures and his ability to add crippling counters to fatties is very good at saving our life and our own creatures.

2 Arcane Archer

Another late addition to this deck.  I wanted another big hitter 4 drop and this guy gives me that.  It can be defensive and offensive and it’s a magic creature that we can relocate. All win all the time.

1 Nur Spellweaver

This card is straight up bonkers. Allowing us to draw more cards off our spells is insane.  Not to mention she has spell resist alongside her 6 toughness makes damage dealing removal very hard to kill her. If she can survive multiple turns the game is in our favor.

1 Dervish Master

Along with Arcane Archer, I wanted another end game beater.  The swift ablitiy is so so good.  Her double attack is amazing as well. We can lightning strike a creature then attack killing it and then still do 3 damage to our opponent.

2 Spellstealer Wizard

There are times this card can win you games. For instance, if our opponent has Stone Sheild out preventing any damage that our creatures would do, this guy can take it and let our creatures attack an opponent that thought he/she had another turn to live.  There are a lot of ongoing spells that are super powerful that are out there to be taken and this guy loves snatching them up.

2 Blade Mage

There was a Myranda list I saw that had 2 of these guys in it and I figured I’d give him a try. Wow and Wow! This deck needed a guy like this.  The ability to recycle our powerful spells is just insane. This game is all about card advantage and this guy helps kill our opponents life total and give us the card advantage.  Easily one of my new favorite cards.

Spells 18

4 Lightning Strike

4 damage kills a lot of things early and this card does the trick.

3 Town Portal

There are times where our damage base spells just won’t due. This can’t save us a turn and also sometimes returning our own creatures can be very helpful.

2 Lighting Bolt

When 4 damage won’t due lets try 6

2 Chain Lighting

Some decks aren’t playing any of these but I really like it.  In the early game clearing out 2 sometimes 3 creatures for just 1 card is very effective.

2 Spell Twister

One of my favorite, if not my favorite spells. Against some decks it’s just a blowout. Decks that run fireball set up there creatures in a way were Fireball can blow them out since I’m not running it they don’t care. I play this use there Fireball killing there guys in the process. At times it can be a 4 for 1 and that’s just my type of card.  In one game against Gazal I stole 2 of his puppet masters taking 2 of his guys and in the end of the game used those 2 creatures to kill him.

1 Father Sky’s Wrath

This card in some match-ups is the bees knees, but in other match ups it can just be an expensive town portal which is why I’m just on 1

1 Homebound Winds

At times just putting a creature into our opponents hand just won’t due and neither will putting into the graveyard.  By putting it into the deck it’s just as good as killing it. It is a bit expensive so we don’t want to play to many of them.

1 Time Jump

There are a couple decks out there running 2 even 3 of these. That’s just too many. It’s a 6 cost spell that at times doesn’t do a thing. Having one has been perfect for me.  At times it rots in my hand until the perfect moment and other times we draw it just when we need it and it wins us the game.

2 Forked Lightning

If I had a 3rd one of these I would probably run it.  This card is our board wipe and in certain match ups if we don’t draw it we lose.


Well that’s the deck and some thoughts on each card.  Hopefully if you are playing Myranda this helps you or even if you are just interested in deck building the thoughts on each card might help ya out.  There are still cards I’m trying out in the list and it’s always in a state of re-construction, that’s one of the joys of this game constant testing and tweaking.

Thanks for reading


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