PS2 AAR 2013.12.30

2013.12.30 - Auraxicom Network HubI logged in shortly after 2000 hours EST to find nearly a full squad in my default teamspeak channel, the legendary Daemon Legion drinking room channel.  This is a channel where members from Ghosts of the Revolution’s PEST, SPECTRE, and SHADES units typically hang out to play some Planetside 2 and chill.  The average comms in this channel are casual tactical.

Turns out, the drinking room squad was the only listed squad for GOTR at the time and a few non-Daemon Legion members were also in the channel, which does occur – the channel is not Daemon Legion only.  A bio lab alert had started a little bit before I got on.  The squad was on Indar when I logged in, but quickly switched to Amerish, where it stayed for the duration of the session.

Ikanam Bio Lab – Part 1

My night started with a bold assault on Ikanam Bio Lab.  We dropped on it just before it became vulnerable to our influences.  We were in position at the SCU shield generator and bravo point when AuraxiCom Network Hub flipped into our position – starting our gen overload and flip on the bravo point instantly.  We held the generator room for a while, eventually being reinforced by an element from GOKU.  Despite being dug in “Like an Alabama tick” due to politics denying further reinforcements, we were overrun by superior numbers delivered by galaxy in a very traditional PEST fashion after a 12 minute hold.  Some highlights from this fight were [GOKU]SenorSteve (formerly PEST) on an engineer anti-infantry turret, [GOTR]Alonick (PEST) with a Lasher and myself with a Polaris and Decimator holding down the short stairs in the generator building and denying any enemy advancement through the door below for many minutes despite what they decided to send through the door.

AuraxiCom Network Hub

While we were in Ikanam Bio Lab the TR started taking back AuraxiCom Network Hub and captured it before we could respond.  We quickly hit that outpost and set up a base of fire around their spawn building at a medium distance.  We were able to take the base back despite a last minute effort by the TR to push the point.  It was  a textbook capture for a small fight.

Splitpeak Pass

We then deployed to Splitpeak Pass which was held by the NC.  The place was mostly under our control when we arrived so we positioned ourselves to counter any points being flipped back to NC control.  It was fairly uneventful.  Although I don’t know what the devs were thinking when the ground path to the bravo point was altered to make it very challenging for anyone who isn’t a Light Assault to reach from the main grounds.

Xelax Bio Lab – Part 1

After Splitpeak Pass, PEST mounted up in vehicles and moved south to Xelas Bio Lab which was also held by the NC.  Upon arrival, Alonick and myself in his Magrider sat near the lower vehicle bay to prevent enemy armor from leaving and causing problems with our AMS Sunderers at the lift pads.  We remained there until a gate shield defuser Sunderer broke through the vehicle bay shields and neutralized the few enemy tanks that were sitting there.  The base was largely under our control by the time Alonick and myself entered the dome.

Shadespire Farms

After capturing Xelas, PEST redeployed to the warpgate, loaded up on galaxies and dropped onto Shadespire Farms to resecure it from a TR attack at the very last second.  I dropped right on the point building, threw a concussion grenade inside and we stormed in, killing all inside and neutralizing and then reversing the hack on the point.  It went clean from there and quickly turned into a janitorial tasking with members of PEST mopping up the remaining enemy while friendly aircraft destroyed any enemy vehicles in the vicinity.

Granite Valley Garrison

After the resecure, we loaded back onto the dropship and dropped on Granite Valley Garrison which went by the books until we were dropped on en masse by a large NC force that quickly repelled us.

Xelas Bio Lab – Part 2


After being repelled, we deployed back to Xelas Bio Lab to repel attackers.  The fight consisted mostly of us providing suppressive fires with Lashers, MAXes and other heavy hitting weapons to prevent the enemy from pushing outward.  This did not prevent them from a medium-sized MAX crash out of one of the teleporter rooms which managed to get a temporary foothold on the bravo point.  A highlight from this fight would be my near perfectly timed concussion grenade on the MAX crash, crippling the spearhead of the crash.

Ikanam Bio Lab – Part 2

After repelling the attackers at Xelas, we redeployed to the warpgate and boarded dropships once again, this time heading for Ikanam Bio Lab to sit on top of the dome and engage enemy on the airpads in sort of a precursory celebration of winning the alert.  We dropped on top of the dome, emplaced our spawn beacons and pushed to the southern portion of the dome and set up a nice base of fire on the south air pad, killing anyone on the pad.  Eventually VS forces pushed through to the bio lab and began assaulting it, but not before the end of the alert, which ended with us winning the alert with four bio labs.  Highlights from this fight are multiple kills by members of PEST against aircraft with dumbfire rocket launchers such as the S1 and Decimator – I killed two Reavers and helped kill a Liberator in this fashion.

Overall a pretty good night for an impromptu and unofficial PEST-run raid.  I had a lot of fun and it was good practice working with the guys.  It helped build my confidence a bit more with concussion grenades and the Lasher.  I’m looking forward to this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday night raids with GOTR – it certainly has been a while since I was able to properly be  a part of one of their raids.

View the full and uncut footage here:

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