PS2 AAR 2013.12.02


A pretty fun night for sure.  I logged in and joined the PEST channel as usual.  There was only one other member there, Alonick.  He and I began running a battle buddy team but didn’t really accomplish much on Esamir amongst the VS zerg.  We were able to help establish a foothold during a base assault by providing a base of fire covering the rear approach to the alpha point of a satellite base.

More started to log in.  Our battle buddy team quickly grew into a squad and then half of a platoon – tis the way GOTR roles most nights.

I picked up the VX29 Polaris for Heavy Assault, paying with 250 certs.  By far the best weapon I have unlocked so far.  It is very versatile and excellent at long range.  I found I was able to down 5+ foes without reloading.  Reloading doesn’t feel like a punishment.  The 100 round magazines are beautiful – I didn’t run dry a single magazine during tense engagements.  It’s ability to sustain fire for suppressive fires is outstanding.  Needless to say, I’m really happy with my decision to use hard-earned certification points to purchase this weapon.

It seems like the casual crowd from GOTR hopped into the PEST channel to form the platoon.  It’s alright though – PEST is a casual group overall, on non-raid nights.

The night mostly consisted of our two squads shitting on AOD’s ops across multiple continents.  Honestly, it seems like we were following them, but we weren’t purposely doing it.  If you are from AOD and you are reading this – thanks for the great fights, as usual.

My new computer ran great. I streamed all night and my framerate did not drop below 30 the entire time. I don’t seem to be playing well and I’ll chalk it up to a slight change in my mouse properties- it feels different, probably because I am not running the Logitech software.

I look forward to this week’s PEST practice on Wednesday night and GOTR’s outfit raid Thursday night. I’m not sure if I will live stream, but I will definitely record.

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