Free Station Cash

Yes, this is legit. I can confirm!  Free Station Cash usable in any game by Sony Online Entertainment!  To confirm that you have gained the free Station Cash, log in to your station account at

DISCLAIMER:  I do not work for Sony Online Entertainment or First Post Studios (they make the Everquest Worlds app).  Therefore I cannot provide tech support or customer service support on either of the methods described below.  I cannot credit station cash to your account and I cannot fix bugs with the Everquest Worlds app.  DO NOT SEND ME EMAILS REQUESTING TECH SUPPORT OR CUSTOMER SERVICE – I WILL NOT RESPOND.

DISCLAIMER #2:  Seriously, stop sending me emails asking me to credit your account or fix the Everquest worlds app.  Do you not read the first disclaimer?

500 Station Cash – Everquest Worlds

Info provided by Korvan and TCZapper from Ghosts of the Revolution.  Thanks!

500 Free Station Cash is available by playing Everquest Worlds on your mobile device!  Available on iTunes and Android App Market for free.

This does not appear to work for players that have Pro7 accounts.

If you have problems:

  • See the disclaimer above.
  • Restart your phone or device.
  • Shut down all applications that might be running in the background.


  • Solve the Future Echoes quest for 250 SC by scanning the pictures below.  (Photos gathered from this video.)
  • Solve the A New Beginning quest for 250 SC by liking/follow Everquest on Facebook/Twitter, post an Everquest link on Facebook, and scan the SOE Live/Everquest pictures from the same video linked above and you’re done.

New Beginnings Scan Images

First image to scan for the A New Beginning quest.

If it doesn't scan, click the image to view it full screen.
If it doesn’t scan, click the image to view it full screen.


Second image to scan for the A New Beginning quest.

If it doesn't scan, click the image to view it full screen.
If it doesn’t scan, click the image to view it full screen.


Future Echoes Scan Images











If it doesn't scan, click the image to view it full screen.
If it doesn’t scan, click the image to view it full screen.











Do you know how to get free station cash in a legitmate way?  Email Yuka.

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Thanks for the tip about the free 500 SC via EQ Worlds. I used a sockpuppet facebook and twitter to like/follow what was needed, and was able to easily uninstall the Android app when done. Easy $5 saved.



Was having trouble with the twitter any tips?

Johnny Larsen

I tried to complete the quest new beginnings, but i am experiencing a bug with the seventh achievement.
It tells me to enable push, which is already enabled for facebook and twitter.
When clicking the button nothing happens.
Any ideas?

Johnny Larsen

Hmm yeah – the odd thing is that I’m on an iphone 5. ;/
I’ve tried contacting First Post Studios support. I’ll urge others to do the same if noone has a solution for this


i done everything but it only gave me a game reward no station cash.


it wont let me verify it when i like its facebook page

enter full name here

Can you do this multiple times?


I got the same code from both quests :/ and the clone wars didnt give me anything

Aniruddha Ramgir

I did not get any rewards 😐
and how do I link my SOE account to this game?

Joelt Globe



I can do the Everquest Worlds successfully but the Clone Wars doesn’t give me SC I log in but it doesn’t work. help


The Starwars and Free realms free SC is no longer possible to get because the games have been discontinued. The app codes, however, did work. Thanks for the tips!