Mission Analysis Using MET3
MET3 enables leaders to analyze the mission requirements in order to form plans for missions. MET3 is broken down into 5 components below:

Mission – What is the mission? What are the mission essential tasks for success? Are there any limitations?

Enemy – The enemy component of MET3 consists of the following subcomponents
What is the enemy’s composition? This subcomponent analyzes the enemy’s capabilities. What numbers do they have, what type of vehicles, aircraft and equipment.
What is the enemy’s disposition? The enemy’s disposition is how he is arrayed on the terrain, such as in defensive positions, in an assembly area, or moving in march formation.
Recent Activities Identify recent and significant enemy activities that may indicate future intentions.
Reinforcement Capabilities Determine positions for reserves and estimated time to counterattack or reinforce. Many times we may attack a subcomponent of a larger enemy outfit. The aggressed subcomponent may ask for assistance from the rest of their outfit. Knowing the capabilities of the rest of the enemy outfit will help you to better plan the mission.
Possible Courses of Action Determine the enemy’s possible COAs. This will help the leader determine how to best array his own forces against the enemy and fight the battle. Two COA’s that should be determined are the MLCOA (Most Likely Course of Action) and MDCOA (Most Dangerous Course of Action).

Time – This is essentially how much time you have until mission launch AND how much time we have to complete the mission. Often times we will be doing coordinated strikes with other outfits to mitigate the effects of enemy reinforcements.

Terrain – Largely determines the how of the mission. Terrain should be analyzed to determine the best possible locations for things such as release points, assembly areas, drop zones, pick up zones, overwatch and support by fire positions.

Troops – Friendly composition. What troops, equipment and vehicles do you have at your disposal for the mission. Different compositions will obviously affect how a mission is planned.

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