Military Style Radio Beeps for Teamspeak and Ventrilo

The military uses a specific tone to indicate an incoming or outgoing encrypted radio message.  This sound is familiar to those who have served in the military or have watched videos of military action.  On military radios it goes off when someone keys up on the mic and lets everyone on receiving radios know that a transmission is about to start.  This tone is ideal because it can be heard over most noises even extremely loud noises.  I have swapped out my Teamspeak and Ventrilo mic clicks with this, both for incoming and outgoing whisper transmissions as I find it helps with knowing what is what.


Teamspeak 3

Following these instructions will result in a beep whenever any voice transmission starts to include your own and whispers.  This works when using both push-to-talk (PTT) and voice activation modes.

Step 1: Download:

Step 2: Extract to your Teamspeak 3 Client installation directory. The default is C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client








Step 3: Replace all folders and files when asked.
TS3Radiobeepstep3 TS3radiobeepstep3b

Step 4:  Open your Teamspeak 3 Client and click Settings and then Options.


Step 5:  Click the Playback tab and then check the boxes next to Own client plays mic clicks and Other clients play mic clicks.  (Skip this step if you only want the beep to be played for whispers.)



Following these instructions will give you military style radio beeps whenever you or another user transmits voice to include whispers.  It also works with voice activation and Push-To-Talk (PTT).

Step 1:  Download

Step 2:  Extract to your Ventrilo Client installation directory.  The default is C:\Program Files\Ventrilo








Step 3:  Copy and Replace the files that it prompts you about.








Step 4:  Open your Ventrilo client and click Setup.








Step 5:  Check the box next to Play Key Clicks.







File Downloads

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