Argo MPUV Vote

With this survey you will be creating a random account on a website and voting for an Internet Spaceship.

Please read if this is your first iteration! To verify that the survey was completed as instructed we will be verifying that the username created actually conducted the survey as requested by conducting a password reset on the account created and verifying the survey was completed in accordance with the provided instructions. This check is automated and will be conducted on 100% of the resultant data. This process including the rejection of HITs is 100% automated. Incorrectly entering this information or incorrectly following the survey doesn’t hurt us – it only wastes your time. You will not be paid if you provide an invalid username, a username that was not registered as per the survey instructions, or a username that conducted the survey incorrectly.

Step 1: Visit this page:

Step 2: Create an account with a random username and then enter that same exact as the email address. For example: If you create the username of “Alice” you would enter the email address as “[email protected]”. Failure to match the username and email address will result in a rejection of your entry.

Use any password and any birth date over the age of 18. IMPORTANT: remember the username you entered as you will need that later.

Step 3: Visit this page:

Step 4: Scroll down and vote for “the MPUV Cargo”. Failure to vote for the MPUV cargo will result in rejection of this entry.

Step 5: Click “Account” at the top of the page and “Sign Out”.

Step 6: Return and enter the username you created as the survey code. Payment will be made once the account and its vote is verified.