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Frequently Asked Questions

What did you say?*
I say a bunch of weird stuff that is in reference to obscure sources. A lot of it is hilarious but a lot of people don’t get it. To help you laugh more, I maintain a list of Shit Yuka Says

Can I add you to my friends list? Of course! Below are my identities that you can “friend” me on!

What resolution do you stream at?
720p using a computer dedicated to streaming aside from my gaming computer. The streaming box has an HDMI capture card that captures the gameplay footage from my gaming computer with zero performance impact on my gaming computer.

Do you run a delay?
Sometimes. It depends on the importance of the stream. If I’m playing as part of an outfit or joint outfit operation in Planetside 2, I tend to run a 5+ minute delay. If I’m just crashing rocketships in Kerbal Space Program or cutting through hordes of monsters in Diablo III I do not run a delay.

What broadcast software do you use?
Open Broadcaster Software

How do you get the beeps for Teamspeak/Ventrilo? / What are the beeps I keep hearing when people talk?
I use military style beeps that come before each voice transmission on Teamspeak and Ventrilo because the help me to tune into the fact that someone is speaking on Teamspeak. I do this because ingame voice on Planetside 2 meshes with Teamspeak’s voice without the beeps. The beeps are the optimal tone to rise against any sort of game noise that could be going on at the time of the transmission – it is very distinct and easy to hear over any other noise. Instructions for setting up such beeps for Teamspeak or Ventrilo can be found on this page.

How do you get your computer to run so smooth while streaming?
I use a computer dedicated to streaming that has an HDMI capture card that captures the footage from my gaming computer, which causes zero performance impact on the gaming computer while the streaming box takes all of the load of the stream!
Which KSP mods do you run?

  • Mechjeb
  • KW Rocketry
  • TAC Life Support
  • TAC Fuel Balancer
  • Visual Enhancements
  • Enhanced Navball
  • SCANSat

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