Official Game Servers

We here at do actually enjoy video games… a lot.  So we have a few video game servers up and running for all to connect to and enjoy.  Be sure to catch up with us on Discord for live chat and real time voice communications to use while playing these and other games with fellow “Lone Gamers”.  Also check our our Forums to organize with players while offline and set up play times and events and such.

Goldeneye Source

We loved Goldeneye on the N64 and we still love it on the Source engine.  This one is free to play and has some low requirements.  You can get Goldeneye Source from here:
(We realize the banner reports it as being Half Life 2 Deathmatch but that is because GameTracker doesn’t recognize Goldeneye Source servers as such.)


A fun survival game that doesn’t involve zombies.  Hop onto our server and make some friends and battle it out with some sworn enemies…. or just forever try to find the guy who halfway raided your base while you were sleeping.  You can get Rust for fairly cheap here:

Left 4 Dead 2

Here’s the zombie survival action shooter.  This is always a fun action game when played with a few close friends with voice comms (We have Discord, use it!).  It can be had for fairly cheap here:  The easiest way to hop onto this server is to join our Steam Group so it shows up in your group servers list in the game client:

ArmA 3

For those that enjoy the more serious tactical shooter, we run ArmA 3.  Currently we are toying around with a cooperative and persistent gameplay map from ArmA 1 called “Evolution”.  The mission puts all of the human players against a continent of AI-controlled OPFOR that occupies the island of Altis.  Team up with your friends to defeat a numerically superior number using cunning tactics and advanced weaponry.  ArmA 3 can be purchased here:
(The server reports we use it but we don’t actually use any of the DLC.. which means in order to play on our server, you don’t need to buy any of the DLC for ArmA 3 – just the base game.)