Join The Team

The Lone Gamers isn’t a guild, company, group… it is a team. A team of intelligent, courteous, personable, and professional gamers from all walks of life. If you are interested in contributing to the gaming community in a positive way and you want to do it as part of a successful team, then please read on!

We are looking for people with the following personality traits:

  • Professional – While there is no salary or direct pay involved, we use the word professional to describe how our team members handle every situation they encounter.
  • Knowledgeable – We don’t expect you to know everything, but our team members are a subject matter expert on at least one topic related to gaming.
  • Courteous and Personable – Our team members are fully capable of interacting with the public while maintaining a cool, calm and collected attitude.  Answering the same question over and over is something we are fully capable of performing while maintaining a courteous tone and personable character.

We have several types of positions that are always in need of capable people. A potential team member can apply for more than one position and work in more than one position at a time.

  • Writer – We are always in need of writers.  Our writers cover everything from entire genres or platforms to just a single game title.  If you have a passion to write about something related to video games in any capacity, then we have a spot open for you.  Potential for ad revenue earnings and other gains with this position.
  • Video Producer – Our YouTube channel is always in need of some solid content.  If you are interested in creating videos related to gaming with some solid information such as game reviews, patch notes with commentary or something with positive information provided to the gaming community, then we have a spot available for you.  Potential for ad revenue earnings and other gains with this position.
  • Live Streamer – We host many events, whether they are scheduled or not via our live streams.  We are always looking for a few dedicated streamers to host streams for us.  Whether you want to cover your day-to-day game play in a live video blog format or you want to host events with audience interaction and participation, we have a spot for you.  Potential for earnings if you are a Twitch Partner.
  • Live Stream Personality – Alongside our live streamers are often additional personalities that play with the streamer.  These are people that are part of the party, squad, platoon, outfit, or whatever the terminology is in the particular game being played.  Our stream personalities should be people that are knowledgeable of the game being played and about gaming in general.  They should be able to keep a constructive conversation going to keep the audience engaged as well as the streamer and other players engaged in said conversation.  This is also a great position to start with as a team member at The Lone Gamers and is easy to branch into writing, video production or hosting your own stream.

If you are interested in joining the team, please send an email to Yuka.