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    With the changes to fixed weapons and the hornet ball turret and flashfire mount being returned to in-game aUEC stores the Hornet is once again a viable option for combat pilots.  The added armor bonuses which reduce damage also help the Hornet out a bit.  Let’s take a look.



    • 3x NDB-30 Neutron repeaters (Fixed)
    • Hornet Ball S4 with 1x CF-447 Rhino
    • 12x Spark I missiles (2x MSD-341 & 1x MSD-221 missile racks)


    • 2x FR-66 Shields
    • JS-300 power plant
    • 2x Glacier coolers
    • Atlas Quantum Drive


    • 2,256 weapon DPS
    • 35,088 missile damage
    • 12,240 shield hit points
    • 612 HP/sec shield regen

    The neutrons are particularly nasty when it comes to damage.  Their only draw back is their range: 1,286 meters.  You’ll have to get in close.  This usually isn’t a problem for the Hornet with a reasonably skilled pilot.  The 12x Cross Section missiles help dish out some more damage when needed.

    I went with the S4 flashfire fixed mount over the 2xS2 ball turret because the other weapons are fixed and the single S4 provides more damage potential than the 2xS2 does.  Same for the nose mount.

    I went with the 2x FR-66 shields for maximum regen.  I find the ability to regenerate shields and recover quickly from hits is more important than surviving from a large amount of alpha damage.

    Military grade coolers and power plant for better EM/IR output.  While not stealth the ability to show up on your target’s radar later is pretty helpful, especially when bounty hunting.

    The Atlas quantum drive always offers the best balance between speed and fuel consumption.  It’ll let you get all over the Stanton system without having to worry too much about quantum refueling.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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