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    This is the max combat load possible on the Carrack in Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.2.  Weapons are up for discussion.


    • 4 turrets each with 2x Attrition-4 – No dependance on ammo and the Attrition-4s will give your turrets longer run time when compared to the CF-447 Rhino laser repeaters.  More on this below.


    • 2x FR-86 shields – This gives the Carrack an 8738 HP/second tank which has to be broken in order to defeat it.  (Yes, ballistics can punch through it but they can also punch through any other S3 shield just as easily.)
    • JS-500 power plant – I prefer the military grade components over industrial due to better IR/EM emissions.  This will reduce targetting range from torpedo carriers which are the Carrack’s primary predator.
    • 2x Blizzard coolers – Same reason as the power plant.  One of the Blizzard coolers is enough to keep the ship cooled.  Two just adds redundancy.
    • TS-2 Quantum Drive – The Carrack has plenty of fuel so might as well take that 69.6% light speed quantum travel.  The TS-2 will get you from Port Olisar to MicroTech in 5 minutes and 13 seconds which is 11 minutes faster than stock.


    • 4,936 combined turret DPS
    • 152,888 shield hitpoints
    • 8,738 HP/second shield regeneration rate

    On the turret weapon selection: I prefer the Attritions over the Rhinos due to longer run times.  Turret gunners typically use the mindset of “accuracy through volume”, especially with the current state of desync.  Once desync is resolved, I imagine I’ll prefer the C-788 Combine ballistic cannon.

    The Revenant ballistic repeater looks juicy on paper but the spread of the rounds make it ineffective against every target except a large ship at short ranges.

    Overall, with the turret fixes in 3.10.x the Carrack is a capable combat ship with 4 manned turrets.  I look forward to more challenging combat opportunities to further test the Carrack’s capabilities.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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